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It is Not One or the Other, But All Together…

The world is at a point and time in its evolution, when a shift – and a very rapid one at that – is inevitable.  In fact it is already happening.  To take a broad sweep – rapid environmental degradation, hazards, and disasters; increasing conflicts; weakening - or in countries like mine, failing States; and widening disproportionate economic gaps between people, are only a few of the markers.  Like never before, with the help of technology and communications we are more connected as people.  Despite colour, taste, size, location, interests, we are increasingly realizing that as humans we are basically the same.   Essentially we are not happy when we do something wrong e.g.

Funding the Fight to End Violence against Women in South Asia

The brutal gang rape of a 23 year old girl in New Delhi on December 16, 2012 and her subsequent death has spurred civil society in India into action, bringing women and men into the streets, vocal in their demands for change including safer streets, tougher laws against rape, more sensitive policing and changed social attitudes. Neighbouring Nepal too is witnessing demonstrations against sexual violence triggered by the harassment faced by a Nepali migrant worker who was robbed by officials at an Airport and later raped by a policeman. The movement has brought under the scanner a culture of misogyny and patriarchy that pervades all structure (formal and informal) not only in India and Nepal but all of South Asian society.

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