Summary Report: Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace in South and South-East Asia

In September 2013, the Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace and the Global Fund for Community Foundations convened a small group of grassroots indigenous foundations in Shillong in the North East of India. The convening was hosted by the Foundation for Social Transformation – Enabling North East India and included foundations from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.

The convening aimed to provide a platform to these foundations to learn from one another to strengthen their organisational capacities, and to work as a group to develop community philanthropy for progressive social change in Asia.

The attached report summarizes the key characteristics of these foundations as emerging from group work during the convening. Its purpose is to set out the emerging themes form the conversation in Shillong and explore ways in which the practice of philanthropy for social justice and peace in the region can be deepened and broadened.

Help Tewa, the Nepal Women's Fund, get their community partners back on their feet

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Nepal is reeling from the immediate effects of the earthquake that hit the country on 25th April 2015. As the immediate emergency response gets underway and in the reconstruction that follows, it will be crucial for local needs and voices to be taken into consideration and that grassroots groups are part of efforts to rebuild, strengthen, and expand sustainable development in Nepal's rural areas.

Lessons learned from Ten Years of the Foundation for Social Transformation

‘A Life Lived on the Edge: An Account of the First Ten Years of the Foundation of Social Transformation’ is a new resource produced the Global Fund for Community Foundations. It tells the story of a community foundation in the North-east of India, of the conditions that necessitated its birth, its vision, its struggles, how it came to almost close doors and its slow recovery and renewed direction.

It is Not One or the Other, But All Together…

The world is at a point and time in its evolution, when a shift – and a very rapid one at that – is inevitable.  In fact it is already happening.  To take a broad sweep – rapid environmental degradation, hazards, and disasters; increasing conflicts; weakening - or in countries like mine, failing States; and widening disproportionate economic gaps between people, are only a few of the markers.  Like never before, with the help of technology and communications we are more connected as people.  Despite colour, taste, size, location, interests, we are increasingly realizing that as humans we are basically the same.   Essentially we are not happy when we do something wrong e.g.

Latin America and the Caribbean: New Report on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace

 US peacebuilding theorist John Paul Lederach talks about achieving “critical yeast” in difficult circumstances, with this arguably being of greater importance than “critical mass.” If the recently circulated report on philanthropy for social justice and peace in Latin America and the Caribbean is to be believed that is exactly what exists: critical yeast. The 32 foundations located and working in the region that participated in this study are mainly public or community foundations.

Community Foundation Atlas Launched

On Oct 20, 2014 in Cleveland (USA), at the Fall Conference for Community Foundations, an international research collaboration unveiled the “Community Foundation Atlas,” the most comprehensive directory of the world’s community foundation movement that has ever been published. The online platform, available at, maps the identi- ties, locations, assets, roles and achievements of place-based philanthropies around the world.

Among the key findings:

The Global Fund For Community Foundations expands its team

The Global Fund for Community Foundations has announced the appointment of two new senior members of staff, Avila Kilmurray and Wendy Richardson, who will be joining the GFCF in early 2014.

Avila has been the Director of the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland since 1994 and has received international recognition for her work around philanthropy for social justice and peace, both in Northern Ireland and internationally.

The Community Foundation for Northern Ireland was a founder member of the Foundations for Peace Network, a peer network of independent indigenous funders working in contested societies. Avila has written extensively on Community Development, Women's Issues and Conflict Transformation and is also a member of the Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace.She will be joining the GFCF as Director, Policy and Strategy, with particular responsibility for the Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy and will be based in Belfast.

Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy

The Global Fund for Community Foundations has been appointed Secretariat of the Global Alliance for Community Philanthropy, a new multi-donor, multi-stakeholder initiative supported by founding partners, the Aga Khan Foundation USA, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and USAID, which aims to make the case that growing local ownership and accountability leads to stronger communities and that this should be a key focus of development practitioners.

The Alliance offers an exciting opportunity to advance the field and the understanding of community philanthropy globally and the ways in which it can mobilize trust, assets and capacities and, by doing so, strengthen local development outcomes.

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Weaving our Fabric in the Arab World: A report by Naseej

“Weaving our Fabric in the Arab World” captures the story of Naseej (a Community Foundation based in Amman, Jordan) between the years 2005 and 2012, its achievements and efforts to engage youth in their own development, to build active communities across the region and to positively influence the social, economic and political conditions at various levels. “As the report describes all elements of our Foundation and work, Naseej uniqueness remains very much at the heart of our conceptual framework and working ethics, the holistic approach to development and in our extended network of partners - individuals and structures - across the Arab World and beyond”, says Hania Aswad, Executive Director of the Foundation.

Webinar | Engaging young people in philanthropy | Jan 23, 2013

Engaging young people in philanthropy: lessons from Brazil and Slovakia

Join the Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF) to hear about how two community foundations – one in Brazil and the other in Slovakia – are working with young people in their communities. From Brazil, the Florianopolis-based community foundation ICom (Instituto Comunitaria Florianoplis) will tells us about a new initiative which engages young people from all walks of life to engage in their communities through social media and online platforms. The Nitra Community Foundation, based in Slovakia, will discuss their ‘Young Nitra Philanthropists’ programme, which puts young people in charge of their own grant programmes and encourages youth giving for various civic activities (such as small-scale environmental regeneration projects, cultural activities, etc.).

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