Survey: Mapping Philanthropy in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace (PSJP) is committed to building a self-sustaining, fluid, flexible, inclusive philanthropic community of practice in different regions in order to improve and broaden the practice of PSJP.

In Latin America and the Caribbean there is a lack of information and knowledge about the state of philanthropy that takes a social justice lens and long term approach to supporting social change. Therefore, as a first step to building a regional philanthropic network that is informed by local contexts and needs, we are mapping the field to gather information.

You can help us in this process by taking a 5 minutes survey to answer a few questions.

The purpose of the survey is:
- To establish a baseline for the field of PSJP in Latin America and the Caribbean
- To use the collated information to promote the development of a common platform for peer learning and support

Please fill out the survey by March 8, 2013. Click on the language of your preference to take the survey now:

It would help us immensely if you could also share the survey with your philanthropic networks and partners in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Thank you in advance for considering this request!