Chandrika Sahai Appointed New Network Coordinator

After an extensive search, we are excited to announce that Chandrika Sahai has been appointed as the new Coordinator for the Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace Network. Chandrika will be working to build the network, share knowledge about practice, and connect practitioners and projects from around the world.

Chandrika lives in Jaipur, India and has been working with the Dalit Foundation, the Global Fund for Community Foundations and Foundations for Peace. We’re excited to bring such a talented, passionate and skilled woman on board to help build the global Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace Network.

Said Albert Ruesga, President and CEO of the Greater New Orleans Foundation and member of the Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace, "We saw in Chandrika a person who was talented, experienced, and tenacious. Her tenacity will serve her well as she knits together and animates a network of grantmakers committed to philanthropy for social justice and peace."

We asked a couple people who know her well to speak to why Chandrika is a good fit.

“She brings passion, energy and a deep commitment to issues of social justice and peace to the network,” says Jenny Hodgson of the Global Fund for Community Foundations.

“She is able to balance heart and mind,” says Santosh Samal of the Dalit Foundation.

“The network presents a huge opportunity to facilitate information and best practices from diverse experiences and regional contexts, which will contribute towards strengthening and deepening the practice of philanthropy for social justice and peace,” Chandrika says. “It allows for network members to work together as part of an interconnected worldwide philanthropic movement to ensure justice, equality and fair treatment for everyone.”

Chandrika is joining the work at a critical time. According to Jenny Hodgson, “The PSJP network is moving into the next stage of its existence at a time when there are more opportunities than ever for global movement-building and for this work that is often considered ‘marginal’ or ‘off the radar’ to move towards the centre of the development stage.”

“I am extremely excited about working with grantmakers from across the world, all of whom, despite the diversity in their local contexts, are driven by a single philanthropic mission i.e. to further the values of equality and fairness,” says Chandrika. “This position epitomizes my passion for social justice work and my firm belief that a social justice and peace approach to philanthropy can a play pivotal role in changing the world!”

Please join us in welcoming her!